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View on Mobile & Tablet computer on XMeye Pro APP

1. Android users can access Google play or Android application markets, iphone users can access Appstore, then search" XMeye Pro"

to download the app, or scan the QR code below to download it.

2. Add the NVR system to your APP device list

Run "XMeye Pro" app, Register an account with phone number or Email, then log in your account click to add device scan the QR code of your device. (You need to connect your camera system with a network cable.

To get device's QR code On the NVR monitor, move the mouse to the middle top of the real-time preview interface. )

device description (my device name), user name (default username is admin) and  password (there is no password by default)

Tips: If you've set a password on your NVR system, please update your password on  APP to view.

Please fill in the user name and password you set up in the system. You can watch the video.

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